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Suspended Scaffolding Rentals and Sales

A suspended scaffold provides access to work at great heights. It is ideal for specific kinds of work, on facades, corners and fascia. A suspended scaffold, also called hanging scaffold, is hung from fasteners located at the top of the building as opposed to standing on the ground. Suspended scaffolding rentals are rarely used for domestic purposes as they are more suited to large jobs. Hanging from overhead supports, suspended scaffolding is composed of a platform from which work can be done on building facades.

There are Two Types of Suspended Scaffolds:

“Carpenter bracket” scaffolds:

  • These have the distinction of being anchored to the supporting structure.
  • They consist of scaffolding elements that are identical to fixed assemblies, such as platform, guardrail, toe boards, etc.
  • They guarantee sufficient and secure support due to the attached frame and wall brackets.

“Flying” scaffolds:

  • Composed of a flexible platform assembly, flying scaffolds are attached by cables to fixed, solid beams.
  • They are recommended for fixed, solid installation, especially when the site is located at just one part of the building.
  • They are used to move up or down along the entire facade of a building.

However, for any type of suspended scaffold, it is advisable to observe the following safety instructions:

  • Install rubble shield nets.
  • Have a properly adapted, strong railing at a height of 1 meter.
  • Have continuous and adjoining staging with lift-off restraints.

For more information on renting suspended scaffolding, contact us today. Our specialists will be happy to give you all the necessary information regarding the choice of the scaffolding that will best meet your needs.