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Ring lock Scaffolding

Groupe IEQ specializes in the sale and rental of all types of scaffolding, from Montreal to Quebec City to the Saguenay region. Among our products, we offer practical ring lock scaffolding systems.

Undeniably ingenuous, ring lock scaffolds are much appreciated in the construction industry; they make it possible to complete all kinds of elaborate landscaping jobs, installation services, and layouts that would otherwise not be possible using traditional scaffolding. For this reason, our teams systematically use ring lock scaffolding systems whenever we are asked to work on sites with special requirements.

The Features of Ring lock Scaffolding

The ring lock looks like a flat round piece of metal. It has nine openings, including one in the middle and eight around the periphery, giving it the appearance of a flower with petals (hence the name). Thanks to its many openings, the ring lock can accommodate a number of connections. These also make it possible to place poles within curved structures, or at 45o or 90o angles.

Échafaud à rosettes

Due to their ability to link a number of elements together, ring lock scaffolds make it possible to create a wide range of custom fittings. At Groupe IEQ, we frequently use them for special events (bleachers), in the industrial sector (confined spaces), or when certain obstructions (such as bridges, towers, and constructions on an irregular slope) prevent us from installing other types of scaffolding. In other words, ring lock scaffolding is the ideal solution for more complex projects.

At Groupe IEQ, our ring lock scaffolds include many pieces of equipment that have been rigorously tested to ensure maximum security, including:

  • Beams;
  • Standard poles (without studs);
  • Single and dual-purpose ledgers (horizontal or intermediate);
  • Safety pins (also called pigtails);
  • Stairs;
  • Diagonal braces;
  • Side brackets;
  • Security barriers;
  • Pole adapters;
  • Various complementary accessories.

The Main Benefits of Ring lock Scaffolding Systems

At Groupe IEQ, our teams (and our clients!) love these systems for their many advantages, including:

  • Precision, flexibility, and ergonomics that are beyond compare;
  • A simple setup (no screws or bolts) – can easily be assembled by a single worker;
  • Designed to be used in areas that are difficult to access;
  • The ability to create structures at angles other than 90o (or curves);
  • Layouts are practically unlimited;
  • Resilient structures made of galvanized steel;
  • The ability to attach up to eight junctions on a single ring lock.

Trust in our Expertise!

At Groupe IEQ, we are experts at assembling, disassembling, and supervising ring lock scaffolding. If your project requires special scaffolding get in touch with one of our representatives in Montreal or in the Saguenay area; we will be more than happy to recommend the best product for your needs.

Download our catalogue to learn more about our ring lock scaffolding.