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Reach New Heights with a Movable Scaffold Rental

Scaffolding is a temporary structure that allows access to high work sites. Typically used by individuals or building professionals, movable scaffolding can be used to perform work at height as long as you respect its assembly and use. Our organization has built a reputation as experts in our field by providing a comprehensive range of products and services for your projects. Among our popular products, mobile scaffolding rental is the most popular. This product is one of the most used in the field of construction, since it is perfect for performing masonry work, painting or renovation.
In addition, movable scaffolding is chosen for its strength, versatility, safety, and all the advantages it offers.

Some features of movable scaffolding:

  • It is reliable, portable and convenient to handle due to its size.
  • Installation is easy with simple and effective fasteners.
  • It is made of steel and can withstand heavy weights, such as construction or renovation equipment, rubble removal chutes, lifts, etc.
  • It is modular. Large scaffolding can be adapted to the shape of the building and cover an entire site.
  • The price is very competitive.
  • Use of this scaffolding requires respect for safety standards and a very precise mounting procedure.

In addition, with a view to accident prevention, IEQ includes specific safety precautions for movable scaffolding users so they can do their building, cleaning or repair job in peace. Standing between 3 and 5 meters tall, movable scaffolding provides access to work areas at height.

Whether you need to purchase or rent movable scaffolding, IEQ will offer you the equipment you need to complete your renovation projects. For more information on renting mobile scaffolding or for the availability of our products, contact us today.