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Types of Scaffolding

Our company has extensive and diverse expertise in the area of scaffolding. Our wide array of products and services helps to secure the success of your scaffolding projects.

Installation and removal

Our installation team is always ready to deliver, install or remove the scaffolds required for your projects.

All of our projects are overseen by experienced foremen and team leaders, and involve qualified semi-skilled workers, steelworkers and joiners.


IEQ makes sure you have everything you need to carry out your projects. We use a computerized inventory system to effectively manage our equipment. This inventory system tracks the company’s many equipment depots.

Clients also have the option of keeping a permanent inventory on their own premises to improve our response time and better manage costs. Many of our clients use this service. Feel free to contact us for details.

Temporary Shelters

In all seasons, IEQ Group offers turnkey scaffolding solutions to meet your every need. In addition to a number of different types of scaffolding, we offer a temporary shelter installation service, which consists in using tarps to cover scaffolding to allow you to work in all types of weather conditions, including rain, snow, wind, and cold. These types of temporary shelters are especially useful in winter, since they can be heated. This allows your team to keep working (concreting, painting, etc.) without the usual complications caused by humidity. The tarps we use to create the temporary shelter offer long-range protection; they are flameproof and UV resistant.

Our teams of installation experts will assemble all equipment associated with your temporary shelter in accordance with formal procedures and security standards, for construction sites of all sizes. IEQ Group always makes sure to offer fast, efficient service, in addition to professional, personalized support.

We have more than $7 million worth of scaffolding equipment on hand, not to mention all the shoring supplies belonging to one of IEQ’s divisions. We are also backed by one of the leading manufacturers in Canada.


If you frequently use scaffolding equipment and want to acquire your own inventory, we can get you everything you need.

If you have more specific needs, we would be more than happy to come up with customized solutions for your business or industry.


Since its founding in 1995, the Institut d’échafaudage du Québec has been developing and offering courses in scaffolding technology and health and safety for the scaffolding industry. To date, the Institut d’échafaudage du Québec has created more than 600 hours’ worth of training content.

Institut d’échafaudage du Québec

The Institut d’échafaudage du Québec offers custom training programs adapted to the needs of various clients which have proven successful. These in-house training programs not only target those looking to join a booming industry, but construction workers and members of Canada’s large industrial companies as well.


Whether you need help with scaffolding inspections or the design and approval of a complex project, our engineering team is there to give you peace of mind.

Project management

IEQ can handle your entire project, from design to equipment removal.

Ongoing health and safety and skills training

Our employees receive support in the form of a program overseen at all times by one of our professionals in charge of recruitment and training. This way, we ensure our installation teams are familiar with the latest installation techniques and safety procedures.

All employees who work on your projects refresh their knowledge and skills regularly through course materials developed by the Institut d’échafaudage du Québec, a member of IEQ Group.

Furthermore, new employees are required to complete training on scaffolding technology, health and safety, and the environment.

Research and development

Over the years, IEQ Group has developed safety devices to increase productivity and improve the working conditions of our installation teams.

Our experience in industrial access scaffolding has given us the opportunity to develop solutions to safety issues such as the risk of workers or objects falling.

One such invention was even nominated for an innovation award from the CSST.