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At Groupe IEQ, we are regularly a part of the major projects happening throughout Quebec. As a company specialized in scaffolding, we serve an extremely varied clientele: aluminum smelters, dams, mining companies, aviation companies, railway companies, general contractors, port facilities, municipalities, paper mills, refineries, Ministry of Transport, civil engineering professionals, road experts, etc. Moreover, most of our clients come back with new projects, due to the unparalleled quality of service we deliver.

Construction site

Our Services

At Groupe IEQ, we offer an impressive range of services to our loyal customers working in the field of construction:

  • Sale and rental of all kinds of scaffolding (suspended, mobile, winch, movable, etc.)
  • Use of a gantry crane
  • Supervision and implementation of major projects
  • Innovative solutions
  • Research and development in a particular situation
  • Professional manpower
  • Installation of temporary shelters, stairways, access corridors and garbage chutes
  • Complete training for employees, managers and union representatives
  • Clear and detailed technical advice

Groupe IEQ: Setting the Standard

When you choose Groupe IEQ, you benefit from our team members’ years of experience and expertise. Our expertise guarantees that your construction projects run safely, and in full compliance with all laws and regulations. We make it a point of honour to provide the right kind of scaffolding to each of our customers, taking their specific constraints into account.

Driven by a constant desire to innovate, for more than 20 years we have been developing efficient solutions, tools and processes while continually reducing production and installation costs. Always ahead of the industry, we have superior expertise that has enabled us to acquire a number of patents. Of course, our excellent products and our advanced working methods are enough to make us the envy of our competitors…

Groupe IEQ : Often Imitated, Never Equalled.

Moreover, through our specialized training, we help to ensure that more and more Quebec workers master the proper and safe techniques for using scaffolding of all kinds.

Our Achievements

At Groupe IEQ, our teams have worked on the following projects, infrastructures and institutions:

  • All electric power sites in Quebec
  • Toulnustouc (North Shore)
  • Suncor (Montreal)
  • Rio Tinto Alcan (Alma)
  • Forest Products
  • Pierre Laporte Bridge (Lévis-Québec);
  • Laviolette Bridge (Trois-Rivières);
  • Larocque Bridge (Valleyfield)
  • Dubuc Bridge (Saguenay)
  • Aluminium Bridge
  • Several hydroelectric plants
  • Pfizer
  • Iron Ore (Sept-Îles)
  • Gentilly (Bécancour)
  • Turcot Interchange (Montreal)
  • Eastmain-1 and 1-A (James Bay)
  • Bombardier
  • Romaine Dam 1-2 and 3 (North Shore);
  • Highway 720 (Montreal)
  • ArcelorMittal
  • Alouette Aluminium Smelter Phase 1 and 2 (Sept-Îles)

At Groupe IEQ, we are respected leaders in the field of scaffolding in Quebec. When renting or buying a scaffold in Montreal, Jonquière or elsewhere in Quebec, you can trust our expertise.