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Project Types

Groupe IEQ is a company that specializes in scaffolding. Our expertise is renowned from Quebec City to Montreal, via the Saguenay region. Over many years, we’ve cultivated an excellent reputation in the scaffolding industry, offering sales, rental, and installation services. Our many models (mobile, movable, suspended, and winch), are easy to adapt to most projects, ranging from the most simple to the most elaborate. Some of the scaffolding we use include:

Our Work Areas

Our superior quality products and services are appreciated by many industries: construction, industrial, special events, engineering, training, etc.

1. Construction

Are you a general contractor? The construction industry systematically relies on the services of our teams for its work on Quebec construction sites. We are also proud of our partnerships with a number of prestigious clients who trust our professionalism on a regular basis. In addition to providing sales, rental, and scaffolding assembly services, you can count on us for:

  • Experienced workers;
  • Major project supervision;
  • Temporary shelters installation services.

2. Industrial

Do you own a factory? When it comes to scaffolding, the industrial sector sometimes has specific requirements, especially in enclosed or narrow spaces. Over the years, thanks to our skilled teams and engineering services, we have developed state-of-the-art procedures regarding scaffolding in industrial environments. Call on our teams for all of your projects, no matter how elaborate. Satisfaction guaranteed!

3. Special Events

Are you planning an event? With the help of our professional manpower and equipment, your project is sure to go off without a hitch. We offer indoor and outdoor scaffolding rental services for a wide range of events (concerts, sporting events, etc.). We also believe in working with organizers in order to develop concepts that are aesthetically pleasing, practical, and secure. If you are looking for the key to a successful event, Groupe IEQ can put it in your hands!

4. Engineering

Is your project particularly challenging? Our engineering experts are available to guide you. They will recommend the safest, most solid scaffolding for your unique situation. We also offer high-quality design planning services, tailor-made to meet your needs. Research, development, and continuous improvement: these are the motivations that drive us!

5. Training

At Groupe IEQ, we have the skills and credibility to understand that only workers who have undergone adequate training are in a position to use scaffolding in a secure fashion. Thanks to the Institut d’échafaudage du Québec (IEQ, or the Quebec Institute of Scaffolding), we offer a number of training programs that can be adapted to meet your needs:

  • Scaffolding assembly and disassembly;
  • Traditional metal frames;
  • Scaffolding inspection.

For all of your scaffolding needs, do what the major companies do: Choose the excellence offered by Groupe IEQ!