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At Groupe IEQ, we are experts in scaffolding of all kinds and we specialize in solutions for access to work at heights, including:

  • Rosette scaffolding
  • Suspended scaffolding
  • Shoring scaffolding
  • Formwork scaffolding

Our Engineering Service

Sometimes, a construction project will be more complex than usual and may require the use of external professional resources. At Groupe IEQ, we offer a complete engineering service to help you achieve your goals faster.

Our highly qualified team has the expertise to develop customized strategies and plans at competitive prices, whatever the nature of the project entrusted to us. Our engineers will create designs that allow you to save on the cost of both materials and labour, improving your bottom line!

There are many advantages to using our engineering service. Here are some:

  • The design and implementation of the most appropriate scaffolding system for your needs
  • Optimal use of equipment in terms of health and safety and security at work
  • Improved management of on-site operations
  • Lower materials and labour costs
  • Optimized control of the production schedule
  • Strict compliance with laws and regulations

Safety and Performance Above All! 

At Groupe IEQ, our engineering service supports you in your choice of equipment. In addition, the service will design all the assembly plans, operational procedures and reports and certificates necessary to ensure a strong, safe and easy to use scaffolding system. Moreover, our experts make sure that you will have only the appropriate amount of material required for your system, thus avoiding wasting your financial resources. In short, by trusting our engineering service, you are making the sensible choice and gaining profitability!

Men fixing bridge on scaffolding

4 innovations that make us proud!

In order to constantly improve worker safety, reduce costs and increase project efficiencies, our engineering team has developed a number of innovative products, many of which have been patented over the years.

1.Ring Cables

In the field of scaffolding, our engineers have designed a system that could legitimately be called revolutionary. We are referring to ring cable scaffolding, a system attaching from the top-down, unlike standard scaffolding (installed from the bottom up).

Using ring cables, it is now possible to install scaffolds off the ground on construction sites in Quebec and particularly in Montreal, which is often necessary to allow work to move forward. Lightweight and flexible, these products install quickly and are the delight of many construction professionals.

2.Fall-Safe Mooring System

Nominated for an award and named a finalist in the CSST Health and Safety Grand Prix, this patented device is designed to improve the safety of workers on scaffolding by preventing falls.

3.Training Programs

All training and courses we offer through the IEQ are patented. Program designers are recognized for their competency, approach and course structure.

4.Temporary Lifting Winch

To improve the work on construction sites requiring certain types of winches in particular situations, our engineers have developed and patented an innovative product or temporary hoisting winch.

As you can see, our engineering team is dedicated to constantly improving the processes used on construction sites. Contact us to purchase or rent scaffolding in Montreal or elsewhere in the Province of Quebec, or for more information about our engineering service.