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Scaffolding Winch

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Scaffolding Winch
In the field of construction, all scaffolding requires compliance with safety standards. Because IEQ has set up strict security procedures, we are able to offer a variety of types of scaffolding to our customers. In fact, IEQ has different types of scaffolding of various sizes ranging from 4 feet to 32 feet (1.25 metres to10 metres) in length with a manual or electric winch as well as safety cages with a manual, electric or pneumatic winch.

Among the various types of scaffolding offered by IEQ, flying scaffolding is in high demand and easily meets the very specific needs of our customers. Whether you wish to purchase or rent a suspended scaffolding winch, IEQ will help you carry out your project by setting up a temporary construction. It is important for you to know whether your suspended scaffolding will provide easy access to those difficult to reach areas at height.

The Benefits of Flying Scaffolding:
This type of scaffolding is suspended and does not rest on the ground. Held up by cables or solid fasteners specifically designed for this type of installation, this arrangement requires special skills and can meet very specific needs:

This type of scaffold is specifically designed for fixed installations and is ideal when the work should be performed on only part of a building, for example. It is also recommended for moving up and down along a facade.

The same as for suspended scaffolds, this type of installation requires thorough knowledge of the system.

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